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Knysna SSEG Rules

Guss Davey

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Below is the Small Scale Embedded Generation (SSEG) rules for the district of Knysna.

  1. SSEG refers in this instance to consumers who wish to fit a Solar generation plant (PV plant) to supplement their energy consumption by harvesting solar energy for their own use.  These systems are generally Grid Tied to the municipal network allowing the consumer to draw energy (electricity kWh or Units) from the municipal network when their PV plant does not produce enough energy for their use.  In the opposite case where the PV plant is producing more energy than the consumer is using this excess energy is fed back to the municipal network and the consumer receives some credit for this energy they supply to the grid.
  2. All consumers who wish to have a Grid Tied Solar plant must make ap[plication to the municipality via the Electrical Engineering Department, and this must comply with the municipal regulations as published.  The applicant will be required to sign a contract with the municipality to ensure all conditions are met.
  3. The consumer will have to change to a Time of Use (TOU) tariff and will be required to fit a "4-Quadrant" electricity meter with a modem to the municipalities specification for the municipality to read the meter
  4. The consumer must remain a net consumer of energy in the year as no cash will be paid to the consumer.
  5. All installation work is to comply with SANS10142-1 Rev2, and any new regulation that may be published, and a copy of a valid Certificate of Compliance must be issued to the Electrical Engineering Department.
  6. The SSEG tariffs are in the process of being refined in terms of a municipal Cost of Supply study currently in progress.  The below figures may change in the year 2019/2020.SMALL SCALE EMBEDDED GENERATION (SSEG)Page 4NERSA Approved Electricity Tariffs 2018 - 2019 IBT

Small customers (NMD less than 66kVA, 100A) (2020/2021 tarif)

  1. Basic charge - With no buy-back by the municipality | per month | R103.59
  2. Basic charge - With buy-back by the municipality | per month | R241.71
  3. Power Charge - [e.g. 30 amp x R8,00 / amp = R240,00 per month] | R per Amp | R11.05
    Energy charges will be as per the IBT rate
  4. Municipality buy back rate | per kWh | R0.69



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