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5kva Hybrid inverter



Hi All.

Totally new to Solar.

I have a 5kva Hybrid inverter. I am looking to purchase 2 x 2.4 pylontec lithium-ion batteries for it however I'm told that I need the set the inverter to communicate with the batteries. Can anyone help with this please?

Axpert MP5048/48V5000VA Hybrid Inverter

Rated Power: 5000VA/4000W
DC Input: 48VDC, 87A
AC Output: 230VAC, 50Hz, 22A
AC Input: 230VAC, 50Hz, 36A
Rated Power: 3000Q
System Voltage: 48VDC
Max. Solar Voltage(VOC): 145VDC



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On 2020/11/05 at 5:03 AM, gavinvn said:

Rated Power: 5000VA/4000W

That's an old PF0.8 model. Nothing wrong with that; I have two of them myself.

These old models don't have any way of connecting directly to the BMS of a lithium battery. So just use the settings that have been floating around for a while.

I'll attach my figures again.

PylonTech settings.png

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