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8kw Deye invertor with pylontech batteries

R Cerva

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Hi.  Hope you all well.

I've just removed 3 x mecer 5kw invertors and replaced them with 2 x 8kw Deye invertors.  I want the invertors to work from solar and batteries if solar not enought.  But it still draw power from the grid even if battery show 100%.  Any help with which setting needs to set to what so it can work like this.

8 x Pylon US3000, 18 x 365W panels to each invertor.

In battery settings : Lithium Mode -  00  In manual it states that this is BMS protocol.  Please reference the document (Approved Battery)  Can't find this document

Any help please.

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Hi.  Here are some photos.  All settings I think is correct.  As long as my ac supply is present it does not want to run of the batteries.  I want the system to run on solar during the day and charge the batteries.  At night it must run on batteries till SOC is 25%.  Now I have to switch off the ac grid supply to get it to run on the batteries.

Any suggestions please.



solar fotos.pdf

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