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Removable Display Firmware version 02.60


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A post yesterday reminded me to check the linked site for recent firmware files. I had not looked for over a year, and found 3 recent firmwares there.

One of them is removable display firmware 02.60: https://www.ostrovni-elektrarny.cz/support/Axpert/FW/RemotePanel_Reflash_MCU(02.60).rar

This is listed as an Axpert King firmware, but I'm guessing that it would also work with Axpert VM III main firmware version 91.20, also on that site: https://www.ostrovni-elektrarny.cz/support/Axpert/FW/VMIII_Ver91.20.7z

The removable display firmware adds another BMS type, LIC. There was for a long time type LIB, which I thought might have stood for LIBrary, but now  it looks like it stands for LIthium type B and LIthium type C.

There is also an Axpert Max 7200 W main firmware version 90.11 there: https://www.ostrovni-elektrarny.cz/support/Axpert/FW/MAX7200_Main_CNTL_DSP_90.11.7z .

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13 hours ago, Quwatush Shams (Suly) said:

Can you please PM password to extract

I can't see why it would be a secret. It's "daily", without the quotes, all lower case. I believe that's the name of one of the developers (I saw that name in the Author field of a Word document somewhere).

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