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Goodwe ES Series. Advanced users. List of error Codes and references ?


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I am designing a system that works on windows from Xp to 10, which reads the Data sent by the Goodwe "ES" to the LAN Network, in the same way that the PV master or EzManager applications read them, I put a Youtube Link of the system in deal:


At the moment I am doing the Error Reference Log and cannot find technical information on all possible errors. I only have information on 3 of them, namely:

err = 537002496 = "VAC FAILURE E23"
err = 536870912 = "FAC FAILURE E03"
err = 537001984 = "VAC FAILURE E15"

The 1st Number is the one that the power inverter gives to the PV Master and that is the Reference I need for the Rest of the possible errors, for example for:

- SPI failure or an internal communication failure
- EEPROM R / W failure or memory chip failure
- Relay check failure or a relay self-checking failure
- Overhigh DC injection
- Isolation failure
- EFan fault
- PV over voltage
- Over temperature
- DC Bus High
- Ground I Failure
- Ref 1.5V failure
- AC HCT failure
- GFCI failure
Others - Device failure

Someone who can give me some more info about it?

Thank you !

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10 hours ago, DanieT said:


Any news on your project yet?

Hi @DanieT. I only got information on a new Error: 512.
By signing confidentiality agreements with Goodwe this information could be available in a very short time, but could not share or publish it.
The routine is already created in the system and any new error is recorded with its number. From there it is easier to find the information since the PV master in the ALARMS option provides some information about it or it may be found on the Internet.
It is a pity that there are not more interested in teamwork, with this we would all benefit.
Likewise, in other aspects the System is progressing very well, with respect to the Initial version that is in the Downloads area of the Forum in addition to the LOG, it is no longer necessary to know the IP address of the inverter in the LAN network, it finds it automatically and it connects with the inverter on its own and some other cool stuff.

Now I am focused on other aspects, for example I discovered 2 more interrogation commands that are not published in the original posts that launch the EzManage and the PV Master to the inverter on a regular basis. I'm doing a smart routine so I can decode the response information and make sense of it. As soon as I have more information about it, I'll publish it.


PV Master.jpg

Shema Mode.jpg

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I have a setup that was suggested by an installer what I call totally incompetent. That's a Goodwe ES with two Blue Nova 5.2Kwh batteries. The sad part is there is no communication between the inverter and batteries at all. I now rely on the Blue Nova BMS.  SEMS is not working as my plant is registerred on his profile and is offline. Not much help from Goodwe and no other installer want to thouch this combination.

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On 2021/01/16 at 5:24 PM, Beylie said:

Just wanted to say thanks for this, Cef. V1.0 works great! Some text are cut off, but besides that great!

Just to correct myself. The text isn't cut off if you actually follow the installation instructions. Apologies. It works 100%.

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Hi @DanieT, if you mean the system I made, it communicates through the UDP / IP protocol. It is the same as the PV Master and the EzManager, in a Local Area Network, however you will see that the communication will be much more solid than that of the PV master.
Unfortunately, Goodwe doesn't have an Ethernet port for a wired outlet. It is not necessary to have Internet access to observe your data in real time that is updated in the time interval that you select in the program.
Depending on the stability of your network, the errors will be higher the lower the set polling interval. It all depends on how close your router is to Goodwe. Try to adjust this time so that the ratio of packets with CRC error and packets received without error is no more than 2%.
The best solution with this bad connection way to do real-time monitoring (WI FI) is if you can't get your router closer is to buy a WIFI network extender
On the other hand, the SEMS data is updated approximately every 5 minutes. In a later version I will add the connection function of this program with the SEMS API and be able to access historical data without entering its WEB page through a browser and thus have the information simultaneously with what is obtained in real time.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I have a router 5 meters away. Signal is 6 to 10 Mbps at the inverter. I can't log onto SEMS as the first installer removed my name from his guestlist. David Hvenga from Goodwe said my plant is visible on the cloud but my system show offline. Is there a way to reset the system to remove my plant from the original installes profile? The only option to set the BMS is self define for the Blue Nova batteries.

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5 minutes ago, DanieT said:


... Is there a way to reset the system to remove my plant from the original installes profile?...

Sorry, this can only be done by the goodwe representative in your area or other personnel authorized by Goodwe.
Your best option for what you count is to make a Request Ticket to: https://support.goodwe.com/portal/en/newticket

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