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How to set up the Solarman App with your Sunsynk Inverter for both GSM and Wifi dongles.

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Keith takes us through the steps to set up the Solarman App to your Sunsynk Inverter using both the GSM and Wifi options. Please note that Solarman for installers is now called Solarman Business and for end users Solarman or Solarman Pro. Setup remains the same but different versions allowing for a few more advanced options available. Also note that you may need to do this a few times. We have found that the WIFI dongles are affected by our connectivity and mostly effected by ADSL lines. This means multiple tries may be required. 

A note on GSM - the firmware updates when using this dongle's data will take about 2/3 thirds of its data. Once this is run out you will need a new SIM card and remember to RICA. The GSM does seem to provide better penetrating signal than standard WIFI, again due to our connectivity in SA.

In areas where there is no signal, a 'hardware' solution is being developed whereby a flash card will have the updates already on them to input into the Sunsynk. This will be done by Sunsynk certified service agents but it does solve the non-signal areas which is mainly outlining communities and farms.


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