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What size Inverter ?


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I am looking at maybe going the Sunsynk inverter route. Now the problem is I could possibly get away with a 3.6 Kw unit as I will basically start out using it as a grid tied inverter with a very small battery bank. My average current consumption from 7 am to 5 pm is 13 Kwh. Sometimes I have peaks of about 5.5 Kw to 7 Kw max when maybe a geyser is running and the dishwasher and kettle get boiled but these are normally for a short time. 


My thinking is this, maybe go for the 3.6 Kw with the small battery bank and max out the panels. If need be buy another 3.6 Kw unit at a later stage. 


What are your thoughts the cost difference between the 3.6 and the 5.5 is about R7K.

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Those big loads are usually on the non essential load circuit, the 3.6 limitation is on the essential load circuit and the maximum the inverter can feed into all your loads, you can install a 4.7 kWp plus over sizing by 20% of solar panels ( 5.6 kWp ), so in my opinion not necessary to go any larger

   So all depends on what you want to do

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