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BMV702 - Ignores ESS, not measuring Solar


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Yesterday charged battery to 100%, connected BMV702 to the setup as per BMV install guide.  Adjusted BMV settings as per manual and my setup, sync'd SOC at 100% and also Zero'd current.

I have ESS active and discharge last night went according to plan, BMV stats looked appropriate for my usage .   However, this morning when charge kicked in, things did not go as expected. I have ESS scheduled charge setup, start at 06:00 with Stop on SOC of 5%, this to avoid charging from Grid.  

With the BMV connected, it's like it is ignoring ESS and the MPPT and system is charging from Grid only?  BMV measurements only reflect the Grid charge current and not Solar.  Solar was not going to loads so must have been going to battery?

My setup: Multiplus II, CCGX, Smartsolar MPPT - checked for firmware updates, all up to date.  Spent a few hours scouring forums and manuals but sadly, no joy in trying to figure this out.

Disconnected BMV for now and things are back to what I am familiar with.

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Thank you so much for mentioning this problem. I installed a Multiplus, 2 x MPPT and a BMV702 2 months ago, loaded ESS onto a RPI and thought I was good to go, well I can tell you the ESS did not perform as I thought it should, and having no previous experience with it I could not articulate my problem properly. The Min Soc, Scheduled Charge and just about everything else did not work properly. I eventually loaded node red and controlled the Multi this way.

After reading this post I disconnected the BMV and everything is now working the way I imagined it should. It would appear that the BMV is over-riding the system. 

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10 hours ago, GVC said:

It would appear that the BMV is over-riding the system

That's certainly one way to describe it... 

My understanding of the BMV is that it provides a more accurate battery voltage and SOC measurement to the Inverter, measures Amps in and out, does some calcs and accumulates stats on power used and consumed.  On it's own, I could not see any BMV setting that would cause it to tell the Inverter to operate in a different way.  Given my brief experience, just the fact that it doesn't take solar charge into account negates the purpose of having it in the setup.

It's possible that i've missed some settings that makes it all work in harmony?  If so, I could not find anything in the docs I have scoured.

Hopefully someone with more blue knowledge/experience could chip in at some stage...

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