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City to run off of green hydrogen


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This seems to be using solar/wind to power a process which will split hydrogen out of water, then use the hydrogen as a store for the fuel. So there is still power available when the sun is down and the wind ain't blowing. This seems inefficient, but if you can do it all on a base of renewables then does the inefficiency matter? OK... it means you need big solar/wind farms.

If it's in the desert then where does the water come from? Might this be a problem? Sure, you can convey water into the interior, but there's a cost and a carbon footpring to that.

OK... so the electrolysis takes place at the coast, then the hydrogen is conveyed to this city by a pipeline.

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4 hours ago, Bobster said:

This seems inefficient

it is not only inefficient it is also incredibly expensive to generate, store and transport hydrogen. As much as the oil and gas lobby tries to push the politicians at the moment into distributing power using H2, i think it will never happen. It is much cheaper to do that with electricity. Sure we need hydrogen for industrial and (some) transport needs but that will be generated at the site it is required. I also think that the need to store renewable energy will not be as big as some politicians want us to believe at the moment. A well developed worldwide (DC) electricity grid will take care of that 🙂.

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Necro post!

I see the new racing series for off-road electric cars is making use of hydrogen as an energy store. 

They will move the cars and various items needed for each race on a "2nd life" Royal Mail ship. They have a system installed that will use solar to drive a unit that produces hydrogen. The hydrogen is then used to power generators. This is used whilst at sea to power some systems on the ship and thus reduce the carbon footprint, and it is used at the event to charge the batteries on the cars.

OK... distances are not great, but they still have to store the hydrogen - though not as much as is required to power a city.

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Hydrogen seems to be part of a huge drive to find a clean alternative for fossil fuels especially for use in ships, planes and even trucks, and the energy density makes Hydrogen a worthwhile contender.

There is a commitment from the “top” in many countries incl. the EU to make it work.

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