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New to Solar - Having issues with data logging via WiFi stick - 3x Kodak(Solis) 1P 4.6kw

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Hi Everyone

New to Solar and I'd appreciate some help with the issue I'm having.


Does anyone have experience with Grid tied Kodak 4G 1P inverters that do not show consumption data when logging via the WiFi stick on the ginlong portal? (see attached picture)

Someone suggested that I replace the WiFi logger with a cable and data logging box. Has anyone done this and can confirm that it works?


was wondering if this is this a setup issue or are these numbers not available with my current setup?

When I switched off grid limiting to test, I only saw the total production info and no details of how it was split between self use and grid.

Also when generation is low I cannot see how much power is being drawn from city power (early morning, when cloudy etc.) 

This info is available on the inverter itself, but I'm not seeing it on the portal.


The inverters are currently in grid limiting mode but the plan is feed into grid once the paperwork is all sorted out.

Also open to other suggestions that's compatible with my system to track the feed in and consumption from utility.


Setup is as follows: My home uses 3 phase power but no 3 phase equipment.

  • 12.4kw solar system using 3x 4G Kodak(Solis) 1P 4.6kw inverters connected to 31x400w panels.
  • Each inverter has a CT sensor connect to it.
  • red phase: 2 x inverter in parallel connected to 10 panels each
  • yellow phase: 1 x inverter connected to 11 panels
  • blue phase: fed only from city power (rewired the board so that only the lights are on this phase)
  • no batteries, (i have a generator for load shedding)

In case anyone is wondering, the reason we did not use a three phase system is that the red phases has the pool heater and pump connected to it that draws over 5kw at peak. Essentially there was no way to balance the loads and fully utilize the generation. (essentially each phase would have been limited to 4kw solar power)  





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