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JA Solar Specials - 5 Days Only!

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JA Solar Harvest the Sun!!!
JA Solar 325W Mono MBB Percium Half-Cell All Black MC4 R1725.00 Vat Included
JA Solar 325W Mono Percium LW Silver Frame with MC4 R1540.00 Vat Included
JA Solar 345W Mono MBB Percium Half-Cell Silver Frame MC4 R1724.00 Vat Included
JA Solar 455W Mono MBB Percium Half-Cell Silver Frame MC4  R2038.00 Vat Included
Valid till stocks last or 5 Days from date of post.

166 JAM72S20 440-465 MR Global_EN_20200706A (1) (1).pdf BF JAM60S09 310-330 PR.pdf JAM60S17 MR 320-340 MC4 1000mm EN.pdf


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On 2020/11/21 at 9:26 AM, shanghailoz said:

Looks like the best bang / buck is the 325 @ 1540 at 4.73/KW
The 455 are (well, were) tempting, but I'm not space limited.


325 @ 1540. = R4.73/KW
455 @ 2320 = R5.09/KW

I'm looking for 9kw odd on the new build so its a case of 

30 x 325 = 9750KW at R46200


20 x 455 = 9100KW at R46400





I think you need to remove the k from all the kW in your post. Otherwise they are 1000 times too cheap. i.e. It should be R4.73/W

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