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Growatt SPF 5000 and 3.5kW Pylontech Lithium Settings


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Please help.

I have the above installed with 6 x 350w Canadian panels. I have the following query:

  • My panels are two in and the three arrays in paralell. I dont seem to get more then 300W of power from the panels. They are facing north at a 16 degree slope on the roof. No shady spot on the roof.
  • I want the the following to happen: (1) supple my load directly from the panels during the day (about 1.1kW) and charge the batteries. (2) Supply the house during the night (about 800w). If any of the two are lacking, go to mains. 
  • How do I upgrade the firmware? The User interface in not that great.

What must I do, in terms of the settings?

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