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Solar panels on a axpert VM 111 5k


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Do you see any problems with this proposed installation of 1 string of 9 panels ( Canadian solar, hiku 410w module... Voc 47,6 v and Isc 11.06A) so total string has an Voc of 429 volts. This is to be connected to a RCT axpert  VM3 5kva with a max Voc of 500 v........ Or make a 5 panel and a 4 panel string. Thank you Keith 

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13 hours ago, Kieftus said:

Or make a 5 panel and a 4 panel string. 

You can't parallel different-length strings of panels. Also, any parallel string of modern large panels is likely to exceed the 18A limit, which seems to be a very bad idea.

But one string of 9 panels should be fine.

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