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I want to buy my first solar panel and I have some questions


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Hello guys, I am a Swiss highschool student and I would like to buy a solar panel 100W, 12v.
I am very curious about this field and I really would like to use in the future 100% renewable energy.😊

So I need to go step by step and my first step is to buy a 100W/ 12v solar panel to can charge my laptop and my phone.So this solar panel is enough to charge a laptop right?

Here are my other questions:
For a 100W, 12V solar panel, do we need a charge regulator, a 12V battery, as well as a 300W voltage converter, from 12V to 230V (for example), to be able to charge a laptop ?

If the solar panel produces less than 12V due to little sunlight, does the battery not store anything anymore because it is a 12V battery or can it still store? If it does not store, that would mean in this case, that I should take a battery with a lower voltage such as 6V for example? Can it then store enough energy or is it “full” very quickly?
In this case, would that mean that the charge regulator and the voltage converter must also be able to accept 6V? How can I mesure the voltage of a battery?

How long does it take ~ for a 12v battery to be fully full without using it at all?

Also, I am not sure I understood everything about the inverter, which kind of inverter should I use for a 100W/ 12v solar panel? (I prefer the inverter than the DC power supply because it seems easier). Can it be like that if I want to charge my laptop? (Sorry it is written in french...)

Also, so for the battery I have better to choose a 6v battery for my solar panel like this one?
Or it isn't a good idea?
( I would like an inverter and a battery cheap but which work quite well even if they are not expensive, if it is possible)
Last question: How do you link several batteries together?
These are my main questions and I apologize for bothering you with them.
Have a nice day!🙂
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