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deye 5kw pure sine wave timmer setting

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33 minutes ago, KobusK said:

I have bought a deye 5kw pure sine wave with a Pylontech battery.


I cannot find a timer setting to "use" the Pylontech at night without switching Municipality power off.

Any experience?


Will ICC software work to manipulate the inverter?



There should be a time of use setting. You need to enable this. 

The inverter GUI is already pretty powerful. Why would you want to use icc. I don’t think it’s compatible anyway. 


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Thanks for the video.


OThe interface is very powerfull and simple to use

On the inverter I can find a setting to charge the battery, either from generator or the grid and at at specific time.

Below from an online manual.


What is can not find is a timer to sat discharge the batterye. On Axpert it will be something linke SBU(Solar bayyert utility)


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Screenshot number 3 is what you are looking for.

The battery % complete indicates the minimium state of charge to which inverter will use the batteries.

For example:

  • 05h00 - The inverter will only utilize the batteries until the SoC reaches 80% and then switch over to Grid & Solar
  • 12h55 - The inverter will maintain the batteries to 100% and will not utilize power from the batteries.  The system will primarily be powered from Solar & import the shortfall from the Grid.  Grid would also be used to charge the batteries

So based on your settings, the inverter will not use any battery power between 12h55 and 01h00.  


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1 hour ago, Vassen said:

I assume you are also knowingly feeding back to the grid, right. Since you have grid sell enabled. 

Further to what @Bloubul7said, if you have a tick on the grid charge, the inverter will use grid to charge batteries up to the value that you set. 

If grid charge is not ticked, it will discharge the battery to that level. 

If the grid sell is set and using batteries does the Deye/Sunsync discharge the battery back into the grid?

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