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Goodwe GW5048D-ES to Blue Nova BN52V-100-5.2k BMS Protocall


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I recently had a complete solar system installed at my house in Pretoria. 
12 X 410W Canaidian panels,
Goodwe GW5048D-ES inverter,
2 X Blue Nova BN52V-100-5.2k batteries.
Sadly the installer never came back. The system works but is currently set to BackUp mode, so the batteries don't discharge. 
The PV Master overview shows:
BMS status: Battery Communication Fail.
Battery Selected: Self Define
The goodwe Manual indicate:
CAN-H on Pin 4
CAN-L on Pin 5
Blue Nova  Manual indicate:
CAN-H on Pin 7
CAN-L on Pin 8
The Communication cable is plug in at BMS and CAN is open.
Is there anybody here that could help with the protocall setup to fix the BMS communication? 



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@DanieT I suspect that the nova blue batteries aren’t on the compatible list for the Goodwe (the list is very short unfortunately). If my assumption is correct then your installer left the system in the “best” working condition. 
the Goodwe plays nice with the battery when it can “talk” to it. In the general  mode you will experience situations where the battery % will be very errantic and the inverter  will for instance go from a 90% reading and drop vertically to 10% when discharging. You may see the same behavior when charging.

my personal experience has been that to get round this problem I have had to oversize my DIY battery. But even then after 2-3 days of rain I will still hit that wall and the inverter will dip and then shutdown ignoring the 30% cutoff I set in the Goodwe battery setting.

in short it is possible to use the general mode but your expectations and wiring may have to change to accommodate the new normal behavior of your system.

hope my rumbling answer has helped. Happy to share specific experience if you are going to change your settings...

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Goodwe BMS indicate CAN_H on pin 4 and CAN_L on pin 5.

Blue Nova CAN Bus indicate CAN_H on pin 7 and CAN_L on pin 8

The BMS was set to Back-up mode in PV Master.

So I belive there  is no communication. The coms  cable is currently plugged into the Goodwe BMS port.

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