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Solar Cable Best Practice - around the eves or through the roof tile

CCC Energy

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Anyone got any thoughts on the best way to get 4mm or 6mm solar cable to the panel, lets assume you have 20mm BOSAL conduit in the roof, then I guess you have two choices

1. Connect Kopex to the end of the Bosal and come around the roof edge eves to the panel where a nylon cable gland is on the end of the Kopex

2. Drill through the tile and put a Dektite lead panel (needs replacing after 8 years) to a Bosal upright in the roof

3.  Other ?   

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For me normally the shortest route to prevent long runs of cable. Even if the bosal protrude through a roof tile as long as it is properly secured inside the roof to minimize movement and then properly sealed with a UV resistant sealer at the hole where it exits the tile, than a round galvanized junction box on-top of the roof with a rubber seal in the lid. From there you can direct a flexible conduit or armored cable or whatever is UV resistant to the fusebox and from there again to panels. 

Going around the eves might present a bit of a hazard as someone doing other maintenance work can put a stepladder against it and damage it, also it might be getting more running water during rain, higher up on rooftop gets a bit less running water. 🙂


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