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Is a COC required for geyser solar retrofit


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Hi All, 


I am brand new to the solar community. My plan is to retrofit by 2 existing 100L geysers to run off solar and grid. They are on 2 different buildings on my property. 

My question is, do I need to request a COC for each installation from the installer? Is it required? I just want to make sure I am covered in case of any insurance issue. 


I have spoken to installer and he has said that a COC is not required!? 


Any comments would be appreciated. 


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When you refer to solar geyser I presume you are using solar PV panels to heat the water?

There are different ways this can be done. If you are using the Geyserwise Dual system it uses 2 elements in the geyser: one for PV and one for grid. The PV heating is totally separate from the grid so no approval is required.

If you are heating the geysers with the mains element and using grid power or PV power via an inverter then this is a grid tie system and this needs approval.   

What system are you considering?

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