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VFD, borehole and sine wave filtering


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Hi there,

I have a borehole that I would like to run off solar. The pump is a single phase 2.2kW sitting at around 82 meters. I was looking at the INVT VFD and was told that it was necessary to also add a sine wave filter for depths greater than 30 meters.

I believe my pump outputs 4.8m^3 per hour. My main motivation for switching to solar is for irrigation so getting the maximum flow rate possible is necessary. Each sprinkler pulls around 600 litres per hour so will be only be able to run a max of 8 sprinklers at any time.

I will also be pumping from the river at a later stage so the VFD would seem to be a perfect solution for my needs and I will be able to run either the borehole or the river pump.

I'd like to know if anyone has experience with setting up a system like this and whether the sine wave filter was also installed.

EDIT: for my needs (maximum flow rate) would it be better to go for a 3-phase system?


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I have a 2.2kw Franklin pump at 65m. 
It starts at 35 amps and runs at 13 amps. It trips my 4kw inverter if it is not connected to the municipal supply. 
So you need to look at a 8kW inverter with the max no of panels for it. 
Alternatively look at softstart systems to reduce the startup amps. ACDC advertises one for less than R3k

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