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Axpert Max stays in Bypass Mode permanently?

Bruce K

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Hi All

A client has a new Axpert Max 7.2kW. The unit will not allow the load to be powered from PV energy even when PV output exceeds load requirements. It remains in Bypass mode permanently unless the Eskom supply is shut off to force it into using PV energy.

The settings are SUB for parameter 01 and CSO for parameter 16. Parameter 23 is disabled. He has a 3kW PV array split NE and NW using the dual MPPTs and a 3.55kWh Sirius Supercap.

Any suggestions, maybe a firmware issue?

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7 minutes ago, Bruce K said:

maybe a firmware issue?

Even though it's a new inverter, it may have older firmware. It's not practical to bring inverters on the shelf up to the latest firmware revision.

I've heard of teething problems with earlier Axpert Max firmwares. The latest firmware seems to be 90.19 (main DSO firmware), and 12.30 removable display firmware. Earlier main firmwares were in the 45.xx range.

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Thanks Coulomb.

Since posting this post, I've spoken to the client and he confirms that his prepaid meter is registering usage even though his PV production is well above the current load. So I'm fairly sure the firmware is allowing grid feed-in as mentioned in another post that I saw. 

South African prepaid meters are dual core, not quad core, so cannot determine direction of energy flow and therefore charge the consumer for feed-in energy. I will flash the newer firmware tomorrow and let's see what happens.

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