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Goodwe inverter connected to shoto 4.8kw lithium battery


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Hi Guys

i need some help please. I live in Mozambique and completely off grid. Had various inverters and lead acid batteries over the past 6 years. Long story short I have connected a goodwe inverter to a shoto 4.8kw battery. I have 4 x 325w panels giving about 160v into the inverter. The goodwe only has a default for 100ah lithium but when applied you can’t change any charging values. Everything is preset. 58v charging seems a bit high to me but I can’t change it. What is the resting voltage of a fully charged lithium battery? All 4 green lights indicate the battery is fully charged yet the goodwe says it’s 61% soc. from what I can see the inverter doesn’t talk to the battery so how do I know if it’s charging and working properly?

thx any info will be appreciated  


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IIRC the "default" setting is for lead acids.

Try setting it to one of the other battery types/makes that matches the spec sheet of your battery

If the BMS is communicating with the inverter properly it will take over and let the inverter know when it's charged.

E.g. we installed and inverter with a custom 14.4kWh battery (single unit) with 56V charge requirement.

1) We set it as 1 Pylontech it will charge to 53.2V at about 25Amps so the PV input limits itself.

2)When set as 4 x Pylontechs it gave us about 100A charging, but only to  53.2V, battery never went above 95%.

3) Eventually set it as 2 x GCL batteries which gives 56V with a max charge of 100A, now the battery is charged to 100% by 12:30 most days (would be earlier but some  shading in morning).

I hope this helps


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