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Growatt SPF 5000TL HVM-P Just blew up

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I must say I'm getting disappointed with Growatt brand. Out of the blue one of my inverters just blew up. I was in the garage offloading some stuff from the car when I heard a loud bang and both inverters switched off with Alarm on my Pylons. The problem seems to be on the battery/DC side of the inverter because when I disconnected the battery cables from a faulty inverter, the second inverter can switch ON and the red Alarm on the Pylons goes away. Both inverters are connected to the same battery bank of four Pylontech US2000B batteries which rules out the batteries as being the cause of the inverter failing. I'll be taking the inverter back to the supplier and hope they don't come up with stories 

Any Idea what might have caused this? 

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On 2020/12/23 at 6:08 PM, YellowTapemeasure said:

Doesn't Growatt have any support line / contact that can assist?

Their support is terrible and in this case i need a new inverter because the damaged one was still under warranty. I was shocked to hear that the supply does not do the swap out. Instead, they only assist in getting Growatt to do the swap. They were happy to take my cash but now when there is a problem, I have to deal with the manufacturer. I wouldn't have an issue if I had bought directly from Growatt ☹️

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