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deye 5kw pure sine wave hybrid only working as Grid Tie.


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Morning gents.


I have a deye 5kw pure sine wave hybrid. I noticed when there is no battery connected the Grid tie fuction works correct.


When I ad my Pylontech battery, all extra capacity feeds into the Grid. 

Any idea as the CT clamps is installed as per the schetch, I have turned it around as well.






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I have tried that.


It atill export, it is as if the CT gets ignored.

I have turned it around, diconnected from the live.


When the inverter has no battery connected/disabled then it works fine no feedback.


As sson as I enable the Litium settings and the inverter restarts with the setiingd on Zero export to CT it still exports to the Grid.


Will send some photos in a few.



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Can't seem to open any of the files in my phone. 

The best option I found to upload pics is to take the pic with the phone and do a screenshot of the pic. This will get the size if the photo shown so you can upload the screenshot instead of the full picture. 

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