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Tesup - ATLAS2.0 - Review

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Hi All.

I have had similar bad service from them. luckily i never bought anything from them. just a look at there google review's says it all. My experience i can say you get what you pay for from China, and in stead of purchasing direct from there, it is better to work with a local distributor, that actually picks up the phone when you call. Pay peanuts, get monkeys.

I have installed a couple of turbines to date. From what i can say is this:

  • Wind is a great energy source if you have enough of it. the turbine needs to be set as high up as possible and a good controller makes the worlds of difference. 
  • a Turbine will cost you 4 or 5 times as much per kwh compared to PV. But if you live in a place where you don't see the sun for 15 days, it might be an option.
  • Turbine towers need to be strong, you can diy, but over engineer the hell out of it.
  • there seems to be no clear info on lighting protection, so my course of action is as follows: at the base of the tower i install a combiner box with normal AC 3P lighting protection. and a couple of good earthing rods.
  • breaking of turbine in high winds. this can be done by shorting the 3 phases out, but man don't do it while it is running away... i have seen some controllers that applies the break over an increasing resistance, and then making the short. the alternative is to go old school and buy a turbine with a manual cranking break on it like the old mills on the farms.
  • Local dealers that know there stuff: i have found 2 that i can recommend. Jason from Pegasus (a true gentleman) and Mark from Wind and Solar. 


Good luck, hope you get your turbine up and running.

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