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Voltacon Solar branded Axpert King v5


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Hi all

I installed a parallel pair of these inverters in May. One was virtually silent (apart from the fans), the other had always had a crackle/buzz/arc sound and when powered up it makes the lights flicker. 

Sadly I purchased the units 6months before I installed them, so they are now out of warranty (by 1 month) and the crunchy one has just failed. 

Very bad flickering, arcing sound and the smell of burnt transistors. 

Any idea where I can buy replacement boards? I am capable of testing and replacing the mosfets etc, but would quite like to have a spare on the shelf. 


Many thanks in advance 


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12 hours ago, swenk said:

Any idea where I can buy replacement boards?

Difficult. Basically two options:

1) Email the reseller that sold you the unit; send a photo of the label and be very explicit about the exact model you want the board for. A few people have obtained replacement mainboards that way.

2) Scour Ebay / AliExpress etc for a replacement main board. But it's very difficult to know what you are getting, and even to be sure that you get the exact right version of main board. There are so many models and variants (e.g. 64 V or not, PF1 or PF0.8) that sometimes aren't even obvious from the barcode sticker, let alone a bare board. It may be genuine or it may be a clone board of unknown quality.

Obviously, option one is the better, if you have a helpful reseller and you are patient.

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