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New Installation - 5.5Kw Sunsynk; 16x345kw JA solar panels and 2xBSLB 5.1Kw


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Dag se. I recently had the following installed at my residence, in the past week.  Sunsynk 5,5kw, 16x345w JA Solar panels. My roof is north facing, with no obstructions. I am Southern Suburbs, Cpt based. The max production at that I have seen is 2.7kw at any point in time in the past 3-5 days, and that is generally around 09:00-10:30.... but generally averages 1kw. Batteries seem to be fully charged by then. I don’t feed back to grid. Distance from the panels to the inverter is max 25m. Cables are run underground in conduit. 

I have a 2x3k solar geysers (Geyserwise linked); gas stove/electric oven and my aircons (12000/24000 BTU) running on grid side.... and the rest of my essential loads on the back-up, via the battery. My general consumption draw, without kettle/or other intermittent spikes is in the 0.6-0.8kw range. That is effectively supporting TV, 2x fridges, deep freezer and other general use. 

The way the guy has set it up is that I start drawing from the batteries for my essential load from 17:00-05:00 daily, with PV and grid and supplementary sources. Apparently, you have to set the time on the Sunsynk to draw from the batteries - which was news to me.... as that is not how it was explained to me when I was designing the system to be implemented. I thought the Sunsynk would draw PV first, then  battery and then grid. If I turn off the PV link on the inverter, it then draws grid and NOT battery. Apparently the Goodwe is more intelligent - as it draws PV first, then battery and lastly  grid. 

Yesterday, which was a pretty sunny and clear day.... I was running my 24000BTU unit.... but when I went to check consumption, I saw that it was drawing from the grid.... this was around 12:00-14:00. 

The way it was explained to me was that the PV would supply the essential loads and the grid side simultaneously.... so, if my essential load is 1kw and I put on the aircons, I would expect that the PV would cover both?? I was drawing around 1-1.5kw from the grid at that point in time. 

My intention with system was that it must reduce my reliance on EsKOM as much as possible. 

Question: Is there a way to manage the system a bit better to maximize reduced reliance on EsKom, with what I have in place?? I have already changed the settings on my Geysorwise to a time post the batteries being fully charged. Previously time settings were early mornings at 04:30 and late afternoon 17:00. 

Thanks in advance.


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The sunsynk is very smart. 

One thing to check would be if the CT coil is installed correctly. This is what will tell the inverter what loads are running before the inverter and send pv to these loads. 

The sunsynk is very much configurable to almost any situation. 

I would also check if you have the latest firmware. 

Can you share some you your screens on the inverter?

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On mobile and will try to explain system mode screen. 

If you want to use the batteries you will need to make a tick in "Use Timer". 

The grid and gen columns is of you want to charge from grid or generator as well as when to start charging from them. Leave these blank if you don't want to charge from grid or generator. 

The time slots then becomes when to use batteries and at what minimum SOC to stop using batteries. You can also set the max power to be used from the batteries. On my screen it will discharge the batteries all the time till 92% SOC. 

The settings on the right is what determines it it will supply loads before the inverter. 

You need to select "zero export" and not have a tick in limit to load only. 

The max sell power is the maximum amount the inverter will supply the loads before the inverter. Screenshot_20210110-204202_Gallery.thumb.jpg.6923121884c56730cb51313964243e79.jpg


The system flow screen should then look like this showing you the CT coil after the inverter and the house icon indicates loads before the inverter. 

I have my whole house on the inverter so it will show zero for me. Screenshot_20210110-204901_Photos.thumb.jpg.0d800226bff968a8608c63c42c4dc16b.jpg

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11 minutes ago, SilverKop said:

Sorry man. Struggling with making file smaller to upload.. 3MB limit


File size limit is an issue. 

What I do is to take a pic and then take a screenshot of the pic and then upload the screenshot. Was the quickest way for me to not reach the file size limit. 

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