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For Sale : New solar equipment - various items

liam beattie

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Hi Everyone


Just before lockdown we were 3/4s of the way into a solar installation at my Cape Town  offices and workshop. As we are in events we have downscaled radically and so don't need all this equipment.

All of this equipment is brand new and in still the box aside from the PV panels, which are installed on a factory roof though never used. Easily accessible and I can arrange removal.

The items below are in fact 2 complete setups other than a few items that would be needed.

Prices below reflect 35% less than current market value from what I can ascertain and I am open to negotiate on the price.

I would prefer one buyer, but open to all offers.


  1. 330W GCl Polycrystaline P6 72cell - 30 units @ R 1 302.76
  2. Goodwe 4,6kw ES Hybrid inverter / BYD 10kwh Package - 2 units @ R 20 280.00
  3. BYD B-Plus LV Solar Batteries 2.56kWh Battery - 100% DOD - 6 units @ R 21 334.95
  4. BYD Battery Box Pro (4 X 2.5) Incl. BMU - 2 units @ R 5 827.25
  5. Jean Muller NH Fuse Switch Disconnector. (Size 00, 3 pole) x 2 units - Included
  6. Jean Muller 160A, 500v NH00 120Kva Fuse x 4 - Included
  7. Additional battery cables and ferrules - Included


If you are in Cape Town you are more than welcome to set up a time to come view the items. The prices would be inclusive of VAT.
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