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Surge protectors


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22 minutes ago, Tariq said:

thanks @brianh, Rubican does stock them, what do most of you guys use, the 600 v or 1000 v

I use Citel DS240-130DC for surge protection on my PV Panels. This has a max DC operating voltage of 180V, but they have other voltages versions available.

I use Citel DS240S-230/G for surge protection on the AC connections to my inverter. This is rated at max operating voltage of 255Vac.

I purchased both of these from Rubicon just over two years ago. 

Note: Ideally you want to choose a protector that is rated slightly above your maximum panel/string voltage, but not too high - otherwise it offers less effective protection. 

[Edit] This protection is more than adequate for Cape Town, but may need a more robust solution for more lightning-prone areas of the country!  

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