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Using Victron Smart Battery Sense on Pylontechs


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Hi all

I am currently contemplating of adding a 2nd Victron MPPT to my system. As I am not using a GX in my system, I am looking to use a Smart Battery Sense to create a VE.Smart Network to synchronise the charging of the 2 MPPTs.

But I now have 2 practical questions, which I hope someone might be able to help with:

  1. I understand that the Smart Battery Sense is supposed to be connected directly to the battery's terminals. But how do I best do that for Pylons - given their non-standard terminals? Or do I connect the Smart Battery Sense to the end of the Pylon connection cable (where it connects to my DC busbar)?
  2. I am currently having 4x Pylons connected via a single Pylon connection cable (120A). As with the 2nd MPPT I might in theory be producing up to 135A, I thought it would be safer to add another Pylon connection cable (even though I don't think that the full 135A would ever be pushed into the Pylons as my load also still needs to be supplied). How would I connect the Smart Battery Sense when using 2 sets of Pylon connection cables?

Thanks in advance for inputs 🙂

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