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prestonsystems.co.za has anyone had dealings with them? Are they scammers? They dont seem to exist at their advertised address?


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Greetings all,

Today I went thru to the offices of preston systems as per their website, (Below), to try and make a purchase.



New Road Office Park,  5 New Rd, Glen Austin AH, Midrand, 1685

Tel: 011 504 2250

[email protected]



However when I arrived and security asked whom i was their to see, they advised that Prestonsystems.co.za appears to be a scam as they are not tenants at the office park as per their website. They also advised I was the 10th  person today to arrive :) and that if i wanted I should call them and tell them I was at the office park to see what they could advise?


I tried calling but got no answer, except for the autoprompt?  So it would appear that these guys are scammers? Beware?


Fortunately we checked them out before trying to make any online purchases. :)


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Scammers - a neighbour 'bought' 2 panels from them. Paid via Payfast, and that was the last he heard from them.

Seems crazy that they are still operating after many months. Their ads pop up on Google all the time.

He opened a case at SAPS, part of a long line of online fraud cases that day.

Best to only use vendors that take CC's, unless you know they're legit.



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