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Good day,


I would like to know twice during loadshedding did my one Pylontech run completely flat?

I have a 5kw Kodak King inverter ( Yes I know I need more battery times are tough in the process of acquiring additional batteries) this morning I awoke to no power at all.  Had to restart the Pylontech and inverter.

Is this normal?  My reason for asking is I am not always at home and would like power to be restored as soon as loadshedding ends.  Also another question is my inverter and Pylontech is installed in an outdoor cabinet, but I can see the temps of the battery is at 37'C from ICC dashboard is this normal and okay this is the charging of the Pylon?


Thanks Gents.

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That battery temp is a bit on the high side. 

My pylontech batteries are getting up to 30°c on a very hot day in Somerset West. 

The lights on the battery should tell you if they are flat. 

Does the inverter or battery not have an error when it switches off? 

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