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Mid Point on Lifepo4


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Need Advice


I am replacing a Lead Acid 180ah Battery Bank with 3 x lifepo4 banks in parallel (using busbars) , 2 x 16s 120amp, 1 x 16s 100amp in parallel using 3 x Daly BMS (no Bluetooth i.e. not visual display of each individual cell voltage in the bank) .


These battery banks will be coupled to a BMV 702 (shunt 500amp) (currently used by the Lead Acid bank) by means of 1 busbar on each pole  (rated by "https://www.electrical4u.net/calculator/busbar-current-calculator-online/ ")  @ 165.6 amp for copper.

According to the BMV 702 manual I can do a midpoint reading (current used with the Lead Acid bank) on the 9th cell negative pole (and in parallel i.e. each battery bank in parallel).

Given that I only have a PZEM 15 (300amp shunt) voltage/current/watts display each to read the 48v battery bank and given that the DALY BMS is not a SMART BMS, would it not be the best 2nd level of monitoring (midpoint reading) to use in my case?

Is the busbar rated at 165.6 A under or over spec'd ? 

I  have 2  x Axperts rated at 0.8pf and 4KW in parallel.







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