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Shelly Group buy, direct import


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Hi All
I'm going to order a few items from shelly europe... with DHL delivery. 
I'm interested in an energy monitor for my house as well as a few switches. Using sonoff at the moment but keen to try out something else as well... Main reason is my current cost energy monitor doesn't have a supported portal anymore...

If you're interested in something you are welcome to let me know. I'm going to place the order on 29 January 2021.

Final day for orders, 27 Jan. I will send you an e-mail of the estimated amount according to the total amount and exchange rate at that stage by 28 Jan. I need an EFT payment reflecting in my account by 18:00 29 Jan in order to include your items.

I will do a recon once the actual amount reflects on my bank statements and once the items has arrived to know if there's tax payable etc and let everyone know of the differences. 

I'm in Durbanville Cape Town, so you can pick up if you're down here, other wise I can send with postnet, R100 postage...

The DHL courier cost seems to be between 35 and 45 euros. I will split this between the number of devices ordered in order to fairly distribute the courier cost.
Not sure if we'll get this through without paying tax or how much it will be.

Will not make a cent from this... just see there's some people interested to club in...

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2 minutes ago, flamegrilled said:

Someone on the forum had done this with a couple of CT clamps and a RPI

Very aware that it can quite easily be done but I have too many other projects, so want to get something that I can connect right away with an existing portal...
Want to relook my usage profiles and shift it around a bit before starting with my final solar system planning to implement later this year...
But before that my water filtration system, the building and plc programming, is taking up most of my time...

Just too many projects currently...

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