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Pylon stuck in protection (Sorry, placed it in the wrong discussion)

Jaco Kotze


Hi, I recently bought a Goodwe ES 4.6kw Hybrid and two US3000C Pylons. I cannot get one out of protection (red light stay on). No PV, its only bought for Loadshedding backup. Battery#1 is RED, Battery#2 all green

The Setup:


I tried:

1) Running the inverter between "General Mode" and "Back up Mode"

2) Switch master between the battery pair

3) Play around with the dipswitches (changing obviously when off)

4) Switched between the BMS cable from Goodwe and Pylontech (in the box)

5) Fire Battery#1 on as standalone, remains RED

6) Fire Battery#2 on as standalone, all green

So, if I run both batteries the inverter report BMS comms fault (see all the attached pictures), when I only run on Battery#2 all comms are successfull. The retailer I bought this from claims he never had a comeback on a pylon before, its not the battery, its the BMS cable. He claim the cable pinouts are not correct. (See email from Pylon support below)


Good Day 

Apologies, Kindly note that I have you on the radar to assist with your query.

Kindly note if I don't pick up there will be other issues happening at the same time, I would like to respond to you in the quickest time possible.

The pinouts received recently from Pylon tech need to be as below. As discussed, I have assisted one customer with the same issue that was resolved by making the new cable. Pylontech is looking to do OEM of the cable but the quicker solution will be to make up one.



I still believe the battery to be a gonner but I will create that cable according to the pin outs they prescribed but I am NOT convinced it will fixed the issue since battery#1 remain in what only looks like permanent protection with nothing connected.

Any advice?


Both Running:


BMS Status: Comms Error when both are running




BMS Status: Comms all good


Current Data Comms Pinout difference between Goodwe (Grey) and Pylon (Black)









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