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Taking Our Inverter System Solar - Adding Another Inverter (Growatt)


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Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone can advise. We currently have a Growatt Inverter 5000SL (Older model, doesn't have a USB port only a LAN Cable port at the bottom/Have attached photos) on a battery system that came with the house (Only currently keeps the lights on and some plugs in half the house)

We are in the process of going solar and getting off the grid as much as we can with the house. We have been told that whilst the current inverter on the wall has a high capacity, we would probably need to add another one in order to get geyser and aircon off the grid. We want to avoid the "No one use the microwave I'm about to use the hairdryer/turn off the aircon I need to use the kettle" power tripping type of situation.

I have been looking online trying to see if only certain Growatt models can work with more than one or if any Growatt can just be added (trying to determine pricing etc as we dont need to double capacity we just need to add on...or do we have to match capacity with capacity?)

Hoping someone can assit (Also apologies for my basic termonolgy, I've had to learn ALOT about inverter systems within the last 7 days)

Also, will I be able to link both to the app monitoring system?

Any guidance is much appreciated, as I am at wits end

Kind Regards,




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