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BSLB Manual Update


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Hi Powerforum Members

We are nearly done with the BSLB manuals and have designed the manual per OEM inverter. The following two manuals will be available soon:

1. Victron / BSLB 

2. Sunsynk / BSLB

We are putting the finishing touches together for these manuals. Due to the large scope of usage and complexity when using Victron and Sunsynk the manuals are trimmed and shortened. We are however nearly finished with our new testing / training office and as such will compile video tutorials for each inverter mentioned per manual. Subsequent versions of the manuals will include the video links for your convenience.

Growatt / BSLB manual will be next in line. We can confirm that the BSLB communicates direct with Growatt now. Growatt inverter firmware update is required and latest firmware for the BSLB is required aswell. 

Voltronix is in the pipeline and we hope to have a communication protocol ready mid 2021. Currently voltage based settings are still required.

If you have questions please comment on this thread and we will gladly assist.


Backbone Energy team

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