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BSLB 6,4kw battery upgrade notice


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Dear Powerforum members

The new 51v BSLB 120aH has arrived and here are the changes:

1. Grey in colour

2. 150aH breaker attached to battery

3. Internal cell protection casing enhancement 

4. Clearly labelled tested aH before dispatch

5. Improved lithium cell spacing 

The new BLSB will be listed as a 51v 6,2kw BSLB Lithium battery however and in most cases the tested aH before dispatch averages 126,5aH - 127aH. Essentially this means they are still 6,4kw. The reason for the capacity definition of 6.2kw is to be in line with the CPA should 1% off the batteries bought be tested at 120aH. The BSLB is still a 1C performance battery ensuring you get what you pay for.

The new BSLB and soon to land BSLB Powerwall still have a world class BMS and plug n play intelligence for most top quality inverters like Victron. 

Those that know us and BSLB also understand that we are constantly updating and upgrading the battery range. 

Unfortunately the current stock of the new 6,2kw BSLB is nearly depleted however new containers arriving end February. We still have lots of BSLB 5,1kw batteries available! Consult the Powerforum Store for more details.


Backbone Energy team

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