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Growatt and Axpert Inverters


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Hi all---wish I can get some help here.

I had a 3kw growatt inverter that was damaged due to utility and output reversed. I now have a 3kw Axpert inverter and it is working flawlessly --Now my question is --Is there a way I can use the shine WIFI module from the grawatt on the Axpert and what mods do I have to do if it can be done.

Second question is, What is the optimal settings on a 3kw 24vdc Axpert unit with 2x200ah gel batteries ?



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On 24/01/2021 at 6:33 AM, zs1ssm said:

What is the optimal settings on a 3kw 24vdc Axpert unit with 2x200ah gel batteries? 

It depends on what you want, otherwise they would come from the factory all configured. Do you want to keep your battery charged for load shedding, or minimise utility use?

Without knowing more about the exact battery you have, I'd say change the maximum charge current to 30A.

If load shedding happens more often than about once a year, change the low DC cutoff voltage much higher, probably 48V. This will shorten run time on long blackouts, but will prolong the lead acid (including gel) battery life a huge amount. If you routinely let the battery discharge to 44V or so, you'll only get a few months life from them.

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