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How much light can you get for 77W


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I'm busy with a lighting upgrade in my house, putting lights outside on day-nights and installing new lights for my garage/workshop. So far I've done the garage, installed 4 4ft LED tubes rated 18W each. You know I want some decent light in there, Now I've come up with this comparison:  4x18W LED tubes versus a 77W "energy saving" halogen light bulb. How much light can i get. 

I put my camera on manual exposure and used the same settings for all the pics.The lights are roughly equally far away from the objects. can you tell which is which :lol::lol::lol:

And no kidding the difference is that big :D









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No contest these days. I replaced the old uniontech lamps with eurolight units last month. That was technically a downgrade from 5w to 4w down lights, but the amount of light is incredible.

Installed two 9w led tubes in the kitchen. Under counter lighting. Luckily I had the good sense to buy a small adjustable buck converter. Have it tuned down to around 9.5V instead of the rated 12 where it uses around 3w. And it works so well it makes the CFLs in the cooker top look like flickering candle flames!

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Yes well I'll tell you it's truly amazing, Definitely no contest. Of course my comparison is a little biased because I should really have compared them to fluro tubes with the same distribution. but I didn't have 4 tubes and fittings. I actually had a twin T12 4 footer which chowed down on 100w. But even with that the light was nowhere near to what it is now. I also ripped out some cheapo 10w floodlights in my upgrade process,  i might just take them apart for a comparison if anyone is interested.

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The cheapo LED 10W floodlights i got long ago when groupon was still groupon. Model TF10W no name brand. I ran some tests but took no light output measurements, just efficiency of the supply, i'm a little too tired right now for more :(

Any case, compared to a Renesola 10W floodlight here is some preliminary measurements. The TF10W consumes 12.02W the renesola did 12.14W, fair enough, but on the output side going to the LED itself the TF10W did 4.843W and the renesola floodlight 9.303w that makes the cheapo lights converter a mere 40.2% efficient and the rene is at 76.6% efficiency. 

i don't think im going to do a light output comparison, im pretty sure the rene will be 40% brighter, my experience is that it is a very linear trace no matter how crap the led is. 

point here is you get cheap Chinese and pretty decent Chinese and it can be hard to tell the difference. things like TUV certification, traceable warranties and brand helps.

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I just installed a 10w LED spotlight, for Pete's sake but it has a really weak light compared to the previous one! 

Off course I threw the box and invoice away. Next time ...  TUV certification, traceable warranties and brand.

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