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System discharging below stipulated reserve SOC. What to do?


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Hi all,

See my signature for my hardware.

System is running in general mode.

According to PV Master I have
SOC Protect ON
DOD on grid 60%

Currently we have overcast weather. PV is low. Battery has been discharging. The system did start drawing from grid when SOC hit 39%. It held at 39% and drew from grid for about 15 minutes (according to portal) but then started drawing from battery again. Whilst I wasn't looking the battery got down to 26%.

I have observed this behaviour before and reported it to the guys I bought the kit from. Does this happen EVERY time? I don't know. It doesn't get down to 40% very often. 

OK... any ideas about what I should do (that I can do, I'm not an electrician)?

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Battery is set as Battery-Box Pro 10.0

Settings are
Export Power Limit: On
Power Limit: 0
Back-Up supply: On
Detection Mod: Full Wave Detection
Battery Activated: On
Power Factor: 1.00
Charge Voltage: 56.4
Charge Current: 100.0
Discharge Current: 100.00
SOC Protect: On
Depth of Discharge (on-grid): 60%
Depth of Discharge (off-grid): Empty and can't be set.

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