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Low battery charge rate

Jaco Kotze

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I need some advice. 

I have a Goodwe 4.6 ES and two Pylons 3000C's. My setup is only for backup power during load shedding. I cannot get the inverter to change the batteries at a higher rate. It is stuck at 200W. The system at my previous house was a Axpert also with two Pylons 3000s (first edition) and they where charged at 1KW. I changed configs around, change to the new Goodwe/Pylon BMS pinouts, swap them around and charge them individually. Nothing makes a difference. 

My setup now is charging batteries forever and I am not sure what else to do. Here is a bunch of screenshots, hope someone can shed some light.




Screenshot_20210206-005403_PV Master.jpg

Screenshot_20210206-005514_PV Master.jpg

Screenshot_20210206-005553_PV Master.jpg

Screenshot_20210206-005726_PV Master.jpg

Screenshot_20210206-005732_PV Master.jpg

Screenshot_20210206-005807_PV Master.jpg

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Your battery has discharged to the setting of 10% DoD on grid, so it will not charge up to 100% till you have PV power coming in.

Ditto on the 2 vs 4 batteries.

Also, why not just use general mode, the system will behave in the same way, only going down to 89% when the grid is present and then make your depth of discharge on grid to 80% (Currently even if the grid goes down you will not use the batteries because you have set the lower limit (off grid ) of 90%.

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Thanks, Goodwe answered my enquiry: For reference -->


Good Day Sir

 It is standard for backup only to charge at a slow rate from the grid. To charge at a faster rate you would need to use economical mode.

 You said you have two batteries but I see that you have selected 4 batteries on the PV master app. If you have two batteries please select the on with says US3000*2

 Kind Regards



This threat can be closed. This solved my problem

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