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Proposed changes to COJ electricity by-laws


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I imagine this will be of interest to some here. 

I know, it's not a COJ link, But it was provided by COJ and there is an on-line public hearing scheduled for feb 17
https://www.joburg.org.za/Pages/2021 Notices/January/Section-79-Committee-Transport-Public-Hearing.aspx?fbclid=IwAR2Wwp15MFN9DCOSFiqjaOqCRktrlNX6L2fF-YRpUjLud7zDBlmXz4BLlnY

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Quite a lot of this is not new. It would be nice to have a "red line" version where the actual changes are highlighted.

Because they haven't done that, and because I don't have the existing by laws at hand (they must be on line somewhere) it's a lot of work to figure out what the actual changes are.

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I've used some text editing tools to find the difference between the current and proposed regulations. There are a lot of differenceds.

In particular there is a whole new section


a) Privately installed generation either through solar, fuel cells, diesel or any other form of technology generation shall not be connected to Council’s owned network without permission
b) All installations related to energy installed by private persons shall be reported to Council officials on a form prescribed by the engineer.
c) Council may levy a charge for specific level of capacity of embedded generation or any other form of generation by private parties, i.e. Independent Power Producers. This levy shall be determine by using but not limited to the following variables;
i). capacity of installation:
ii). length of feeder from the generation to the Council network
iii). voltage of connection to Council’s network
iv). use of Council network in case of the generation not working
v). cost of Council assets installed to feed the installation.

Note that "the engineer" is defined as "the head of the council's electricity undertaking or an official duly authorised by the council".

There are lots of differences. Nobody seems to be explaining to the residents of the city what all this means (though at this point this is all proposals) and although I could reproduce a "red line" version, I'm doubly disadvantaged by being neither an engineer nor a lawyer.

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