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3 phase generator with Axpert inverters


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I have a 3 phase system with 3 Axpert inverters in parallel. I recently purchased a 3 phase generator to help with load shedding and have installed a changeover switch  from mains in to generator. However two of the inverters are showing no grid when on generator  even though I measure voltage on all phases?? Any idea why??

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20 hours ago, Monstergrep said:

However two of the inverters are showing no grid when on generator

Is it possible that you have the wrong phase rotation? Just swap two of the actives to see if that helps. May as well make it the two to the inverters that refuse to connect.

I've not used three phase inverters, but it strikes me that this could be the problem. With the wrong phase rotation, things could go very bad if the inverters did connect.

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22 hours ago, Monstergrep said:

I switched two phases around. now they all see the power i.e the power in icon does not flash as it was doing on two of the inverters previously, but as soon as they try to connect power they drop out. this cycle repeats over and over?

Axperts are very picky about generator waveform quality, particularly frequency stability. See FAQ #7. You might be able to use the trick mentioned in the FAQ, i.e. a temporary load on the generator, on just one phase (provides a mechanical load on the generator). Then when the inverter starts using power, it's not such a huge change in load (i.e. it's some load to more load, not zero load to more load).

When you say "they drop out", do you mean the inverters all disconnect from the generator, or stop powering loads with a fault code? If no fault code, is there a warning code?

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