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Meccer 5 kva backup


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Meccer - SOL-I-AX-5D

Rated power - 5000va

DC input - 48 VDC , 117 Amps 

AC output - 230 VAC 

AC charger mode 

AC input - 230 VAC - 35 Amps 

DC output - 54 VDC 

Max 60 Amps : default 30 amps 


System  has been up and running for just over 2 years ( longest outage, 12 hours and the system was still operating) at the time of installation I had no research into inverter system (a newbie). I had installed made up UPS systems and backup generators.

Top Sub  DB  - 6 mm supply cable from the main DB  - supply to the inverter , 2 plug circuits and a light circuit.

Inverter DB - 4 mm cable from the inverter - 4 plug circuits - for a server, computers and screens, alarm, CCTV, and  telephone system. 

All the socket outlets fed from the inverter are blue dedicated socket outlets. 

2 compartment trunking ... top trunking has the AC power cables and the bottom trunking has the  with DC power cables (1000V 35 mm square permo power cable), there are 2 eaton fuse holder mounted inside the bottom trunking with 120 amp fuses fed from each string of batteries.   

Battery backup: 

2 strings - each made up of  4 x 105 amp/hr enertec premium heavy duty flooded lead acid batteries 

Now that i have done a little research and have a better understanding of inverters and battteries ( but still have a lot to learn), it is time to make a few modifications and upgrades.

The first thing I realised when I thought about doing maintenance on the system , no bypass switch, so that will be the first upgrade. Inverter/off/bypass switch will be installed.

The setup parameters will need to be checked and updated, I have already noticed that the setup has solar/utilty, there is no solar, so it will be corrected.

The batteries need to be checked:

Voltage tests at each battery terminal in each string.

A thermal scan of all the batteries, connections at the battery, the fuse holders and the inverter terminals.

The next thing is to look into installing a remote monitoring sytem to check the SOC and DOD, maybe using a Victron battery monitoring system. It might also be an idea to setup a a battery balancing unit ( still need to find out more about this and if it can be done using  lead acid batteries). I dont know how long these batteries are still going to last. Maybe another year or 2.

I have also considered removing 1 string at a time and using the hawkins charger to fully charge each battery individually, I dont know that that would help extend the life, and at the same time shuffle the batteries, for example put the inside 2 on the outside.

Any constructive input or advice would be appreciated. 






















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