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AM-2 Installation Photos

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I have to ask, I took delivery of my two batteries (Am-2) recently and my first thought was why have the terminals at the bottom?

Is there a design reason to not have them on top for shorter cable lengths when mounted below the inverter( this seems to be the most common mounting option)?

I am prob going to mount them upside-down....



There should also be better natural heat dissipation if the vent holes are on top.

If you do consider it,  flipping the interfaces would help too else its all upside down when mounted on the wall


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Hi Kill_switch,

Good question. When we looked at the design with holes on top it created a problem for dust and particle, especially water incursion if there is a leak from a water pipe above the battery etc. 

The only heat being generated will be from the BMS charger which is situated at the bottom when charging at a high rate, however the temperature of this is neglegable. The BMS has temperature control and shutdown if the temperature gets too high or will start throttling the charge/discahrge back if above 65 degrees temperature. The internal prismatic cells we use generate almost no heat due to them being grade A cells.


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SABS 10142-1 2017 edition 2 (there are new regulations ... just havent got around to paying another R1000) C) A DB shall not be mounted within a radius of 1 m from a water tap or valve (in the same room) unless the enclosure provides a degree of protection of at least IP44. 

That DB looks closer than 1 m ... however the DB looks like it has an IP rating of at least IP44 ... so its all good. ;)

That looks like OBO trunking from Oline ? 


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My hubble is installed and operating great. I've set the discharge and charge to max 50a will that extend the lifespan? Also what's the recommended % I should let the battery drop to on a daily basis? It's currently set at 35%.

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