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Load on inverter while power is still on.


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I may be on the wrong forum for this and it's probably been answered before anyway, but I searched (probably with the wrong key words) and didn't find anything. I have a new 720W Ellies "plug 'n play" inverter. It's set up the way I understand it should be set up - it's plugged into the power supply and then everything we want powered during loadshedding is plugged into the inverter.

There are two numbers on the display: "load (VA)" and "output (VOLT)". When one particular device is being used, it shows about 150VA under "load". When the device is not being used, it drops back down to zero. None of the other connected devices do this. Why would there be a load on the inverter when a device is being used while the power is on. I'm not getting my head around this and any help would be appreciated. 


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