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Pylontech vs Hubble

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On 2021/02/25 at 6:07 PM, Metalcut said:

Thanks, so if my infini does not connect to it via a communication cable I dont need to enable that setting? Someone told me it is to charge the capacitors on the inverter so that it does not surge or spark when you connect the battery or is that incorrect?



If your inverter does not have a coms cable with the battery you obviously need to set the manual values on the inverter to work correctly with the battery (user defined settings)

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On 2021/02/15 at 7:21 AM, leshen said:

That’s one example. What about an 8kw Sunsynk with 2 x 4.8kwh Pylontechs. You will only get 4.8kw which is very easy to exceed. So guess what happens during a grid outage at night, the inverter will go into fault mode and shut down. See the attached picture of an 8kw Inge inverter which keeps going into fault mode with 2 x 4.8kwh 0.5C batteries. The only way to get around that is to have more batteries, that’s not the solution, the solution is for other popular manufacturers to produce 1C batteries. What do you think will happen with pricing if Pylontech produce an actual 1C battery? That’s where the Hubble’s are better. 


Sorry for brining up an old post. But a 0.5c discharge rate is not a problem if you want to run a load for longer than 2 hours. How long is load shedding ? So if you plan on using it for load shedding it wont be a problem.

You have a perfect example of a system that was badly specked by the person who designed it because if he did it right he would have read the spec sheet and known that it might be a problem or he didn't read it and only noticed it afterwards, in both situation it is still his fault for ignoring or not knowing the limitations of the tools he chose to use. Don't get me wrong there are situations where a 1c discharge rate is a big bonus and is needed but that is a minority.

 Also I have had to use a imax b6 to jump start a hubble that was so badly dischaged it could not start up the inverter that was suppose to charge it.       

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On 2021/02/14 at 12:08 AM, leshen said:

Nobody is dissing one product to make another look good. There is no comparison between Pylontechs and Hubble’s when it comes down to cycles vs C rating and that’s because a 1C Pylontech Battery doesn’t exist. If and when Pylontech produce a 1C battery, we can discuss this then. 

Maybe question how does Pylontech supply a 4AWG/21.1mm2 cable pack which only THEY rate at a constant draw of 100A? No objective third party testing done there. Interesting to see that the Victron wiring manual states a max current rating of 75A for a 25mm2 cable. Pylontech also state that you can use up to 4 x US3000C in a stack with a single cable pack and each battery can deliver 37A. That’s a total of 148A on a 100A cable or 75A, depends where you look. Seems like world class engineering to me.

If you want to spec a system you should have the electrical knowledge of where to put fuses and wire the batteries so that no cable in the system goes over its rating and use the proper fuses in the right place. Things like that are taught to you at university and almost any competent electrical engineer worth his salt will know what to do. In the electrical industry no knowledge is same, but a little bit is a very dangerous thing because you don't know what you don't know. Just because it works doesn't mean it is right.   

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In the market for a lithium battery and came across this thread: I'm not in either camp. I know a lot of cycle life is marketing but what is the impact to lifespan of the Hubble at 1C continuous draw? Why doesn't Hubble provide any recommendations on discharge rate? Do we think at 1C they expect 6000 cycles at 50% DOD? From the Pylontech US3000C specs, they have a recommended discharge rate (37A/0.5C) which I assume (maybe incorrectly) is to maximize the cycles.

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