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How to collect a 4 pole hager change over switch

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Greetings, I purchased a hager 4 pole change over switch.  I need assistance on how to connect it. The top part of the switch has following markings "R" "G1" "S" "G2" "T" "G3" "N" and "GN".  The bottom part has the followings markings "L1" "L2" AND "L3".

Can I be assisted with the wiring diagram.

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54 minutes ago, Brani said:

R,S,T and N - from Grid

G1,G2,G3 and GN - from Generator

L1,L2,L3 - to the Load


it would help if you take some pictures or give the make of the change over switch

Make is Hager, he mentioned that in the post 🤨

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You realise you’ve bought a 3 phase transfer switch.What do you need it for?

Inside the box there are clear instructions.

I’ve installed three Hager transfer switches now and it was easy.

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