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PLEAE HELP - Mecer 2400VA tripping plug breaker


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I bought the 2400VA Mecer UPS setup last week.

I plugged the inverter input AND output into the same plug socket in order to see if I could power the plugs incase the power goes down.

Long story short - the four 40A fuses inside the inverter blew up. I replaced the fuses with smaller 30A fuses.

Now; when I plug it into the wall socket (input only) the plug breaker on the DB keeps tripping. Also, If I only connect the batteries to the system and press the power button, the led screen comes on for a split second and switches off.

Please help

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Hi Espach

The only help I can give is to have the unit repaired. There are no quick fixes. Unfortunately as you did not install the unit in the correct manner or have it installed by a approved installer you will be unable to claim a warranty repair.

My advice is after the repair is to speak to someone who can help with the installation who knows what to do or my best advice if you have limited knowledge is to get in a approved installer which will save you the problems and finance you have now lost in this learning curve. This is an expensive learning curve (school fees) which I am sure we all have paid at some time or another.

Best of luck.

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Hi Peter,

Thanks for the reply, I believe taking it in for repairs would be the most sensible thing to do. However, I would like to at least try and fix it myself. I have opened the unit and looked for obvious faults. If you, or anyone else reading this thread has some experience with fixing inverters with the same symptoms mentioned in my original post and is willing to reply a basic modus operandi, it would be appreciated.

My plan of action:

Use multimeter to try and test for short circuits and some basic continuity checks to try and spot the component that has failed.

Thanks again

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