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EFERGY Standalone Home Hub Kit + Additional XL CT sensor

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I am relatively new to powerforum and am more of a lurker than a poster. Recently had my solar install completed and can now sell the Efergy. It has been invaluable to me! I have copied the post from my post on another forum and do not know how to fix the colouring.

Item: EFERGY Standalone Home Hub Kit + Additional XL CT sensor
Age: Unknown (Used on and off since new)
Price: R1 000
Warranty: No (Will give personal 7 day warranty)
Packaging: Yes (None for the XL CT sensor)
Condition: 100% working and in good condition (Sender unit slightly discoloured from sunlight)
Location: Margate, KZN
Reason: Purchased an inverter
Shipping: On purchaser
Collection: Yes
EFERGY Standalone Home Hub Kit - Electricity Energy Power Monitor (geewiz.co.za)

Efergy XL CT Sensor to fit all Ellies/Efergy Wireless Energy Monitors (19mm 140A) (geewiz.co.za)

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